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The GMEA negotiating committee is continuing to work with the Town on issues related to our next contract. One important issue that the Committee has been examining in-depth is health insurance. After considering the available options the Committee believes that the State of CT Partnership Plan 2.0 presents a viable alternative to the current Cigna plan. GOSA has adopted the Partnership Plan effective July 1, 2016.  

The Committee has participated in several informational
sessions regarding the plan, and we would like to give you the opportunity to meet with a representative of the State Comptroller’s Office who can answer your questions about the Partnership Plan. 

The meeting will take place on August 17, 4 PM, at Western Middle School.  

We encourage anyone interested in health insurance benefits to attend. Meanwhile, here is a link to the Partnership Plan site that describes the plan benefits and identifies participating providers.

Following the meeting we will offer an opportunity for members to provide comment to the Committee so that we can have your thoughts about the Partnership Plan as we debate this option. GMEA is committed to its members and will only consider benefits that are in their best interest. It is critical for all our members to be as informed as possible.
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